"In December I got engaged. At my finance's family Christmas party we all came up with the idea to get married in Croatia, where their family originated. Being an avid traveler, I loved the idea of marrying the man of my dreams in the place where his family began (his father's side from Croatia, and much of his mother's side from Italy). My mother-in-law, whom I am very close with discussed the idea of getting a wedding planner. So, the search began. I messaged many wedding planners in the Dubrovnik area, and Dubrovnik Wedding Planners got back to me almost immediately. They were the fastest to respond, and the planners that seemed really interested in knowing exactly what I had in mind for our wedding. Unlike many of the other planners I was corresponding with, we started planning our wedding from scratch. They had no preconceived notions about what I should have, and welcomed my every idea with excitement. Once I met them over Skype, I knew they were the planners for my fiance' and me. They listened, and offered ideas that I fell in love with. I am a very budget conscious person, and Mia and Veronica worked very hard to accommodate my every wish, while sticking with my budget. I had some strange requests, like a open bar at the wedding ceremony, and they didn't bat an eye. They just told me the cost, and said they would make it happen. They assisted with every detail of the wedding, and were there for me with any question or concern. We had a wedding 9 months later with about 25 guests in a foreign country, and it was flawless! Mia and Veronika not only crafted the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined, but they also assisted with details like transportation to and from the airport, lodging for most of our guests, and even greeted us at our place with a welcome reception with cocktails, beer, fruit and cheese. That welcome reception was the beginning of what would prove to be a wonderful stay in a beautiful place for the next 6 days. When contacting Mia after the wedding to ask her how I could ship my dress and my new husband's suit back to the U.S. she offered to come pick it up and ship it for me. It was such a relief to not have to deal with that or anything else while trying to focus on the happiest day of my life, and a honeymoon, with friends and family in Italy. All in all, I was blown away with how professional, affordable, flexible, kind, and fun Mia and Veronika were from start to finish. I highly recommend using them if you are looking for wedding planners that go above and beyond for their clients. I truly feel like they cared about every detail of our special day; it showed in every aspect of thier flawless plans. I feel so lucky to have found them, and consider them friends. Thank you, Mia & Veronika. I will never forget what you did for Chase, me and our family and friends while abroad in Croatia!"