Jesslyn & Andreas

We had the wedding of our dreams in Dubrovnik thanks to Mia and Veronika! We had a very small wedding with just our parents and siblings, making for a party of 12. We sent out requests to about 10 different wedding planners in the Dubrovnik area and received a very beautiful, professional proposal from Dubrovnik Wedding Planner and decided to go with them.

From day one it just felt like we had made the right choice. I must have sent hundreds of e-mails and each one was promptly responded to with a kind undertone and willingness to make our every wish comes true. They are quite good at responding with suggestions and ideas but also giving you free reign to design your own wedding.

That’s what you’ll get with Dubrovnik Wedding Planners, a tailor-made wedding that’s just for you two! They were always kind, attentive, and willing to help with the slightest detail. I truly don’t know how we would have planned this wedding without them!

From the officiant to the music, flowers, decorations, cake, car driver and so on, everything was above and beyond our expectations. It was warmer than we had imagined and I was regretting not buying the lace wedding parasol I had looked at online so many times. When we arrived at the ceremony venue Mia and Veronika were waiting and greeting us with big smiles and…a beautiful lace parasol! It’s one thing to be able to meet someone’s requests, but they are in a whole other class of service being able anticipate them! Everything was perfect, we highly recommend them to anyone!