Dubrovnik Old City    

Dubrovnik Old City 


You may have heard “a haven on earth” or “pearl of Adriatic” but the real name is Dubrovnik
A city situated in the south part of Croatia. Dubrovnik dates from the  7th century, originally called “Ragusa”. Dubrovnik has rich history created over the centuries. 

Many of the monuments are still preserved and protected, and still in function. Monuments like “Rector’s Palace” and “Sponza” were the most important buildings in the past with function of running the city and Republic. Today they are the most wanted venues for receptions and weddings. 

Dubrovnik is a small city surrounded with beautiful crystal clear sea and picturesque hills and mountains. The center of the city, old town, in our language “Stari Grad” is the main attraction. A unique fishbone structure of streets with the main street in the middle called Stradun, surrounded will city walls almost 2 kilometers long. Today you can find numbers beautiful and exotic locations perfect for your wedding there. 

Dubrovnik has an indented and attractive coast. Favorite summer amusement is a boat ride to the islands. 


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The Beauty of historical Old City of Dubrovnik

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