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We are young, innovative, prosperous and creative wedding planners. The idea was born when we were asked to plan a friend’s wedding. We have done an amazing job! Soon we started to receive more calls to organize weddings. We surprised ourselves and realized this is what we want to do! It has become our true passion. We love making people happy. There is nothing better than seeing bride and groom truly satisfied and enjoying the most important day of their lives. 
We are both from Dubrovnik, a beautiful and romantic city. We love this unique and magical city situated on the very southeast part of Croatia.  We take our job seriously. If you choose us, we promise you the top quality service! 


Your wedding duo: Mia & Veronika

Mia: Veronika is my friend and colleague. When organizing a wedding or event Veronika is a person I trust the most. She is a reliable, hardworking, skilful and very witty person. When you need a saviour at the last moment she is the person who will manage all obstacles.  
Veronika: Mia is my very dear friend and my greatest support in the business, she is ambitious and very valuable person. Any idea that she has is special, and believe me all she wants, she gets. 


What we do:

We are an agency for organization of weddings, festivities and events. We deal with all of the paperwork and documentation, decorations of exterior and interior, beauty treatments, transportation, music, photography and camera, catering and much more. We will give you advice on how to balance staying within your budget and still fulfil your wedding fantasy. We can make your wedding fairy tale come true! 

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There are many amazing wedding venues in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik has a romantic soul which will blow your mind. We will help you choose the best place to suit your desires. 


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Dreaming of saying I do near the crystal clear blue sea, charmed by a nice warm breeze, wearing the most beautiful dress, having your soul mate near you, enjoying with your family and friends in music beats and tasteful Mediterranean cuisine in beautiful sunset; you have come to the right place. Wedding Planners Team is here for you. 


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British Vogue's Wedding WishList

BRITISH VOGUE recognition

Mia and Veronika are an experienced wedding planning duo and founders of
DUBROVNIK WEDDING PLANNER. They have been established for several years in
the romantic Croatian city. Each wedding is thought up individually and uniquely
tailored to each couple’s needs, incorporating sun, sea and beautiful venues. Visit
— British Vogue

Dubrovnik Wedding Planner "Just Married" 

Kathy & Martin


My husband and I decided in October 2016 to get married in Dubrovnik on the 28th of July 2017. We couldn’t not have done it without the wonderful support of our wedding planners Mia and Veronica who did such a fantastic job with our wedding. From the photography to the church, flowers, hair and makeup and the food absolutely everything went perfectly. Mia and Veronica were there for each step of the way, they picked us up from the airport, introduced us to the priest and hotel staff, they couldn’t have been more attentive and even after the wedding for anything we needed. We would like to thank you both for everything you have done for us. Love from Kathy and Martin Kelly xo

Jesslyn & Andreas

Park Orsula first dance.jpg

We had the wedding of our dreams in Dubrovnik thanks to Mia and Veronika! We had a very small wedding with just our parents and siblings, making for a party of 12. We sent out requests to about 10 different wedding planners in the Dubrovnik area and received a very beautiful, professional proposal from Dubrovnik Wedding Planner and decided to go with them. From day one it just felt like we had made the right choice. I must have sent hundreds of e-mails and each one was promptly responded to with a kind undertone and willingness to make our every wish comes true. They are quite good at responding with suggestions and ideas but also giving you free reign to design your own wedding. That’s what you’ll get with Dubrovnik Wedding Planners, a tailor-made wedding that’s just for you two! They were always kind, attentive, and willing to help with the slightest detail. I truly don’t know how we would have planned this wedding without them! From the officiant to the music, flowers, decorations, cake, car driver and so on, everything was above and beyond our expectations. It was warmer than we had imagined and I was regretting not buying the lace wedding parasol I had looked at online so many times. When we arrived at the ceremony venue Mia and Veronika were waiting and greeting us with big smiles and…a beautiful lace parasol! It’s one thing to be able to meet someone’s requests, but they are in a whole other class of service being able anticipate them! Everything was perfect, we highly recommend them to anyone!



Thank you Mia and Veronika for making our wedding day so special. After we got engaged we decided to get married in Dubrovnik almost immediately. We reached out to a number of wedding planners based in Dubrovnik and Mia and Veronika got back to us almost immediately. We had a very specific idea of what we wanted our wedding day to be, and it became clear from our correspondance that Mia and Veronika were the best option to meet our expectations. The effort they went to for our wedding day was above and beyond, we were absolutely blown away with how perfectly everything went. We have had so many compliments from our guests since on it. I don’t believe Mia and Veronika have their equal in terms of professionalism, taste or thoughtfullness and the result of this was very clear during our wedding day. There were so many little touches they added to the day that made it so special for us, any bride and groom would be lucky to have Mia and Veronika at their side. We left Dubrovnik with even fonder memories than before, please stay in touch.

Jessica & Mario 


My husband and I celebrated our special day in Dubrovnik, and we could not have picked a better wedding planner! Dubrovnik Wedding Planner helped us pick every little detail that made our day even more special than we could have imagined! We planned this wedding from the US, so having their guidance and experience put us at ease throughout the whole process. Getting married in my husbands homeland was extra special, but getting the experience from these ladies was even better. We can not thank you enough for your patience, guidance, and excellence!




Liz & Chase


In December I got engaged. At my finance's family Christmas party we all came up with the idea to get married in Croatia, where their family originated. Being an avid traveler, I loved the idea of marrying the man of my dreams in the place where his family began (his father's side from Croatia, and much of his mother's side from Italy). My mother-in-law, whom I am very close with discussed the idea of getting a wedding planner. So, the search began. I messaged many wedding planners in the Dubrovnik area, and Dubrovnik Wedding Planners got back to me almost immediately. They were the fastest to respond, and the planners that seemed really interested in knowing exactly what I had in mind for our wedding. Unlike many of the other planners I was corresponding with, we started planning our wedding from scratch. They had no preconceived notions about what I should have, and welcomed my every idea with excitement. Once I met them over Skype, I knew they were the planners for my fiance' and me. They listened, and offered ideas that I fell in love with. I am a very budget conscious person, and Mia and Veronica worked very hard to accommodate my every wish, while sticking with my budget. I had some strange requests, like a open bar at the wedding ceremony, and they didn't bat an eye. They just told me the cost, and said they would make it happen. They assisted with every detail of the wedding, and were there for me with any question or concern. We had a wedding 9 months later with about 25 guests in a foreign country, and it was flawless! Mia and Veronika not only crafted the most beautiful wedding I could have ever imagined, but they also assisted with details like transportation to and from the airport, lodging for most of our guests, and even greeted us at our place with a welcome reception with cocktails, beer, fruit and cheese. That welcome reception was the beginning of what would prove to be a wonderful stay in a beautiful place for the next 6 days. When contacting Mia after the wedding to ask her how I could ship my dress and my new husband's suit back to the U.S. she offered to come pick it up and ship it for me. It was such a relief to not have to deal with that or anything else while trying to focus on the happiest day of my life, and a honeymoon, with friends and family in Italy. All in all, I was blown away with how professional, affordable, flexible, kind, and fun Mia and Veronika were from start to finish. I highly recommend using them if you are looking for wedding planners that go above and beyond for their clients. I truly feel like they cared about every detail of our special day; it showed in every aspect of thier flawless plans. I feel so lucky to have found them, and consider them friends. Thank you, Mia & Veronika. I will never forget what you did for Chase, me and our family and friends while abroad in Croatia!

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Cecilia & Dario


When Dario and I decided to get married in Dubrovnik, we shortly realized it was a very demanded wedding destination and that it might be challenging to find THE dream location. Working as an event planner myself, I must say I had quite big expectations :) We chose to use the services of Dubrovnik wedding planer at first because of a feeling...When we first met, they showed both flexibility, professionalism and kindness. Those essentials qualities were absolutely revealed and confirmed throughout the planing process. They helped us to find a very unique location and did their very best to fulfill our dreams in terms of setting, catering, decor, artists and all crazy ideas that I came up with along the way :) Veronika and Mia made a great creative team and also very importantly, helped us to stay within the decided budget. We had a regular and honest dialog during the months before the big day as well as several meetings in Dubrovnik. The result is a literally a dream wedding our friends and family keep talking about, even months after, as one of the most magical and fun celebration they have experienced. It really was worth every hour and money spent. All the best, Cecilia and Dario

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literally a dream wedding our friends and family keep talking about, even months after.

Emma & Brian


Myself and my husband Brian got married in the beautiful Dubrovnik in June 2016. We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of Croatia, but not speaking the local language we where anxious that planning our wedding here might be impossible. I began my research of the numerous wedding planning services in Dubrovnik who could help us tackle the language barrier and also to help keep us on the straight and narrow with the numerous different tasks needed to plan a wedding. With both myself and Brian working full time and me completing my masters study on the side, I was sure that a wedding planner would be a fantastic investment and I was certainly not wrong in this regard. The process was simply effortless! We met with several different wedding planning agencies over a four day visit to Dubrovnik. Some were very ‘pushy’, others didn’t seem to ‘get’ my design ideas and some were looking only to offer us a ‘ cookie cutter’ template that they reproduce for any and all of their clients in a conveyor belt manner. Mia and Veronika were different, they really stood out to us as the best choice. The two girls are young, vibrant, modern and creative professionals who did an exceptional job for us on our special day. They took on board all of my crazy ideas and even got crafty in their spare time, hand-crafting us centerpieces. Every detail of the three day affair went off without a hitch. The night before the wedding sunset drinks at the Buža bar was breathtaking and my beautiful gift of a lavender bouquet from the girls was truly touching - they never failed to make me feel special! The day of the wedding was perfect in every way. Both girls were available to us at all times and the plans went off without a hitch. The music ( strings trio and singer) where fantastic. The decor which I worked very closely with the girls on was absolutely flawless and the reception space was even better than I could have imagined. To say I was blown away by the finished product provided by Mia and Veronika would be an understatement. In summation, I would recommend Mia and Veronika to anyone who is looking for a vibrant, beautiful, well planned wedding that takes in who “you” are as a couple. Our wedding was 100% personal to us and we couldn't have done it without Dubrovnik Wedding Planners, Mia and Veronika".

Eleonora & Alan

Ele & Alan.JPG

Thank you Mia and Veronika for making our day so special. The help and support you gave us went far beyond all our expectations. We are leaving Dubrovnik with amazing memories which we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We wish all the best on all your future endeavors but we know all Brides and Grooms will be lucky to have you at their side. Take care and keep in touch. Ele & Alan xx

Marinela & Antonio


I couldn't have better things to say about working with Mia and Veronika.. Throughout the planning process, they were attentive, organized and resourceful. They helped to alleviate any additional stress leading up to the wedding by providing helpful tips and resources that kept me and my husband on track for our big day. On our wedding day, I knew I had absolutely nothing to stress about because Mia and Veronika were on it. Every little detail, every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better planner, and am so grateful that we picked Dubrovnik wedding planner to help us throughout our wedding planning. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone!


Maria & Petar


Thank you very much Mia and Veronika ! Everything was perfect ! Thank you for making this important day of our lives so special ... Everything went well, so easy and stress free thanks to you ! They are young, caring and capable and took care of every detail. Well done girls! We highly recommend Dubrovnik Wedding Planner to all future brides & grooms. Marija & Petar


Iris & Vlaho


What a great memory we have. I will never how it all went so smooth, thanks to you. Just the thought of dealing with a huge stress on my wedding day made me decide to hire a wedding planner. I was pregnant st the moment, and my housband was working all the time. We couldn't devote ourselves and it made me sad. But today when I look back I am so happy. I know so many girls who stressed out on their wedding day but I truly enjoyed every moment pf it. I can proudly say we have met great firends!! Thank you a million!!! We couldn't do it without you. I am so amazed with the passion and joy you have

Rozsa & Francois


For our dear wedding planners, Mia &Veronika we have only compliments. Despite our late inquiry, Mia and Veronika agreed to plan our wedding. Once again thank you so much for all your help and wonderful time we had in Dubrovnik. We were truly amazed with their friendly and professional approach. Our expectations were exceeded. Both us and our guests will forever remember how much fun we had. It’s not enough to say that everything went smooth, it was a day full of joy, laughter, tears of happiness and love. We definitely recommend Dubrovnik Wedding Planner Agency to everyone who is planning on getting married in Dubrovnik, which by the way is the most romantic city we have ever visited. So if you want your wedding dream to become true, you are in good hands


Andrea & Fritz 


We are more than happy, more than thrilled, actually there are no words which can describe how we feel because we are one of the reasons this agency exists today. Giving them opportunity to plan our wedding was the best decision we could have made. The effort, passion and ideas these girls have is something wonderful. They were always step ahead and we felt that nothing can go wrong. I am a sceptic by nature, and my biggest concern was the paperwork but here we are, happily married in Germany. Mia &Veronika, you have our blessing for your future business. Just keep up with good work and it will pay off. We received so many compliments from our guests, praising everything you had done for all of us!!!! Thank you so much!

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